Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Strange Shepherd Maxim
There are lots of stories in Turkish Culture.But there is one story in particular that I am going to talk about,which is my father's best story.
This story tells us about an important experience to catch from a person who always drinks alcohol and smokes weed during his life.
This man does not have a child.He has just a ,wife in his whole life.This man etremely smokes weed and drinks alcohol even if he is too old.Therefore everyone knows him like a kind of a person who does not care about himself,his family and anyone that he knows.It sounds like the person that I am talking about looks like a trouble guy for his life and for his environment.
Once a day he was getting sick and he was dying for that reason.Here is the main point of the story because no one wants to help his poor wife to make a funeral.
His wife waited for the first day to get some help from someone in there village.She was almost waiting 3days and after 3days she took her husband and put his dead body to her shoulders and went to the nearest mountain.During the mountain way suddenly she saw a house and in that house she recognized a man who had shepherd clothes on him.She met with a shepherd in her way and told him about her problem.The shepherd says that he will be very welcome to help this women with a dead body on her shoulders. He took the women to his house,and gave dinner for her.By the way he also gave a promise to fix her funeral problem for tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning the shepherd takes the dead body and burriedit.After he finished his promise he also prayed for that man.The woman was very happy to got some help and told the shepherd many thanks for helping her and finally she was ready to go back to her house .
Here is the second main part of the story.After the man died,everybody in his village get started to see this man in their dreams.Because of same dreams all the village residents having together to talk about this man.''Why he was coming all the time to their dreams,especially always coming from heaven?''That was the question for all village residents to ask each other.
Finally they decided to ask this question immediately to the man's poor wife.All the village residents think that she should have something to tell.The poor women says, “ I don’t know what is going on.” After that, she told villagers go to shepherd and get some more information about this weird situation. Villagers went to the shepherd and asked for the dead man. Shepherd told them “ I do not know either” but I just prayed a bit for him. After this weird answer, villagers asked the shepherd “what did you say and what did you pray? He answered like “every time God sends me many guests to keep them and this time I sent the man to the God just like a guest.”

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Paragraph Organization
A paragraph is a group of sentences about a topic.In informational texts and persuasive writing,a paragraph usually has a topic sentence and supporting details for the idea in that topic sentene.The topic sentence is often,but not always,at the beginning of a paragraph.
A longer piece of writng,such as a narrative,may have many paragraphs.These paragraphs are devided into there parts: the introduction,the body and the concusion.
A longer piece of writng usually has a thesis statement.This is like a "topic sentence"for the entire piece.the paragraphs give support for the thesis statement.

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How To Summarize an Article
1.Read the article at least 2 or 3 times.
2.Write down in one sentences what you think the author is trying to say in this article.This wiil become your thesis or topic sentence of your summary.
3.Then find and underline the main idea of each paragraph.These main ideas will become the supporting details of your summary.
4.Write a sentence (in your own words) that describes the main idea of each paragraph.
5.Put the thesis and the supporting details together in one paragraph.Make sure though that the supporting details that you have written correspond to the thesis.
6Finally rewrite your thesis or topic sentence and include the name of the article and author's name.(In this article we do not know author,so we will just use the title of the article.The title of the article should be in quotation's," ", and the author's name should be capitalized.
7.Here you go baby,Your summary is born.
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Gender Roles
Brown & Hood (2002) in "Growing Up Male or Female" said that babies,in society are always treated according to their gender.Actually almost all around the world baby girls and boys, usually shown in different color clothing,with different toys.When we socialize our boys and girls ,we have to be very caruful because they can do things that we could not expect from them.Especially when they grow up.We have to look the way we socialize our child's.Color of clothing,way children are handled,language and conversation which learned from parents,behaviors,taught's,parents social expectation.Those are the best main point to be careful for adults to socialize their child.

Parents,Brothers,Sisters,Friends,Be Careful For your Child Future!!!
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton caught up in a fight between Bijou Phillips outside Los Angeles on Wednesday night. The paparazzi took a photo when Paris Hilton rode on her silver Bentley. The bodyguard who saw this happening attacked to the photographer. Paris Hilton didn’t care about this event.

The Fox network has canceled Hilton’s TV show due to their scheduling problems. The TV show began in 2003 and carried on. Rumors are that Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie had developed a strained relationship and could not bear the sight of each other. In addition to this, Fox TV wanted the film separately, but Paris Hilton called off her engagement two weeks ago. Because of this, Fox TV didn’t see any future about this programme.